Royal Sovereign Quick Scan Counterfeit Detector – Quick Scan Counterfeit Detector EASY TO USE COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR Part# RCD-3120


Quick Scan Counterfeit Detector
– Instant Verfication: Instant results at a fast scan speed of half a second
– 6-Phase Maximum Security Protection: Ultraviolet, Magnetic Ink, Infrared, Imaging, Paper Quality, and Size and Thickness Verification Methods.
– 4-Way Orientation Acceptance: Allows the user the convenience to insert the notes in any direction
– Value-Add: Detector keeps a record of the total value and total bill count by denomination
– Compact and Portable: Compact design allows the detector to fit almost anywhere


Royal Sovereign’s RCD-3120 features instant currency verification that saves your business and organization from counterfeiters. The RCD-3120 verifies US Currency through instant scanned readings. Scan time is less than half a second which allows for instant verification. Compact design allows the machine to fit almost anywhere.

The quick scan runs a rigorous multi-level detection process that includes an ultraviolet, magnetic ink, infrared, paper quality, and size and thickness testing.

The RCD 3120 also includes a user-friendly orientation acceptance. 4-Way acceptance allows the user to insert the bills in any direction.

Value Add feature gives the user the ability to see error codes, total amount counted, as well as total values by denomination. Grand total is displayed on the screen and by pressing “REP/CLR”, the user can view the bill counts by denomination.




Product Specification

Model Number RCD-3120
Currency Guide No
Ultraviolet Detection Yes
Magnetic Ink Detection Yes
Watermark Detection No
Infrared Detection Yes
Magnifying Lens No
Built-in display Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage 110V/60Hz
Consumption (Watts) 12
Unit Height (in.) 3.2
Unit Depth (in.) 5.4
Unit Width (in.) 6.1
Unit Weight (lbs.) 1.1
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